Your trust account will be managed and operated by PT Trustees Limited (PTT), our exclusive trustee partner:

  • Qualified accountants and trustees
  • Manages trust accounts for 3 of the 8 accredited bodies licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority
  • Independent body from an audit perspective
  • Managed the disposition of over £5bn in travel funds
  • Bankruptcy protected
  • Trust ATOL licence; running ATOL trusts since 2001


  • Customer funds are placed by your acquirer into your own named trust account (held with a top-tier UK high street bank).
  • Funds are released to you as agreed by you with your acquirer.
  • You create the payments and PTT reviews and authorises them based on the database and transaction audits. Two digital signatures and bank tokens are required to action.
  • PTT audit funds on a daily/ weekly/ monthly basis.
  • To assist your planning we provide a transparent schedule of exactly when payments can be claimed from the trust.


Matches bookings against travel

Transaction match

Monitor transactions and release funds

Release funds

Split bookings (flight and hotel)

Staggered release

Reconcile daily, weekly or monthly

Settlement choice

Installment / refund/ cancellation

Transaction types

Prevents double claims

Fraud and errors

Data receipt and system access

Data audit

Unique system-based tool iCheck

Claim validation

Automatic or manual

Data downloads

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